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5 tips to rock your twist this winter

Brrr it’s cold in here…y’all know how the song goes! No, but seriously it’s so cold in the northeast! This is the perfect season for protective styles and we’ve noticed that a lot of you have been rocking twists and twist-outs. So, I wanted to quickly review some general tips when it comes to this particular style.

1. Make sure you’re using the right products

I use different products for my twists depending on how I want the results. If I want twists that kinda sort of looks like a wash and go, then I will use a light leave-in and a gel and do the steps as if I were doing a regular w&g before I start twisting. If I want more volume, fluffiness and for the texture to look like the twists, then I use a cream and a lighter gel.

2. Make them the right size for desired look

Here’s the twist rule: the bigger the twist the more volume and the smaller the twist the less volume you’ll get. So if you know how you want to rock your twist-out, make sure you’re twisting your hair with the right amount of hair.

For the ends, just finger coil your hair and it won’t become undone. However, if your hair is a looser texture, you might want to put a rubber band or a perm rod to hold the end. Remember to also section the hair the way you want to wear it once the twists are out. If you wait until the hair is dry to section it, you’ll cause a bunch of unwanted frizz.

3. Wear your twists for a few days

I always recommend wearing twists for a few days. This will allow them to fully dry and will keep your hair safely tucked away and protected for a bit. There are various styles you can rock with your twists like buns, updos, and more. You also extend your wash day this way by wearing twists for like a week and then wearing them out for another few days before washing hair.

4. Use butters or oils to untwist

When removing your twists, remember to wear a bit of oils or butter (ideally natural ones) on your hands as you’re untwisting the hair. This will help to avoid frizzing up the hair as you manipulate it. The more you open up the twists the more volume you will have, the less you open them the less volume.

5. Use your bonnets or satin pillowcases

If you want the style to last, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking care of it at night. You can do a few things like put it up in a pineapple if your hair is as long as mines. You can also retwist it in bigger twists to save time or you can actually put your hair in a few buns to stretch the hair out for a different look. Don’t forget to go back to step #4 when manipulating your hair.

If you use any of these tips don’t forget to tag me @miss_rizos and #missrizos! Also check out this IGTV I did, showing you how to untwist and style your twists!

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