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What to expect when you are transitioning

Man, I can never write enough about this subject because let’s face it, many women are new to this world and many of us experienced something that sets us back to step 1. So let’s go back to basics and talk about what is transitioning, what to do and what to expect.

Let’s cover the basics first. I know it’s tough to hear that you’re transitioning, but it’s important to call it what it is in order to know how to care for your hair properly. I’ve encountered literally thousands of women who are transitioning, but swear their hair really does curl. When you don’t recognize that your hair is in fact damaged, then you won’t know the correct measures to take.

So then how do you know if you’re transitioning you may ask. Is the hair at the root really coily or curly and the ends are straight? Did you submit your hair to high heat, chemicals or a magical salon process (keratin, botox etc.)??? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are indeed transitioning.

Some of you may already know this, but again, A LOT of you are in complete denial and we get it. Transitioned hair is almost impossible to revert back to curly and so this means that the hair needs to be cut and to many that ish is scary.

But don’t worry, I got you! Let’s look at what to do next.

1. Start

This may seem so obvious, but it’s important to make the commitment. If you’re going to transition, you have to stop doing that same thing that got you here. This means no heat, no chemicals, and no weird potions to change your hair texture. See this as a very exciting decision because it is. It is the start to a new awesome journey of discovering your beautiful curls and learning how to love your hair.

2. Get equipped

It’s important to get the right tools and products when you start so that you feel like you’ll have options throughout the transition. I recommend a good deep conditioner (I love the Deep Fix by CurlJunkie and Stellar Strand by Kinky Curly), perm/flexi rods, leave-in and hair creams (I used Knot Today by Kinky-Curly), paddle or denman brush, hair dryer and/or diffuser, and a good gel (I love eco styler). Having all the right tools will help you style your hair and nourish it as it grows.

3. Don’t listen to the naysayers

During this process you might find people who will criticize your decision, call you ugly, or even crazy. It’s so important to stay the course and understand your WHY. You got this!

Now these are just a few of the many tips we will be sharing on here! Feel free to add yours below.

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