Hola chicas,


I got really emotional writing this post for so many reasons. First off I miss my sister Lois who was my rock and my right hand woman during my entire trip back home especially during this event, thank you Lois. My heart filled up with so much joy looking at these pictures and remembering how incredibly inspiring it was to be surrounded by such powerful and straight up amazing women. Last but not least, my home was broken into a day after I got back (traumatizing experience) and my professional camera, iPhone were stolen along with everything of value I possessed and the only reason why these pictures survived was because they were taken on my friend’s memory card because I had forgotten my SD card, thank you Tasmy and because the instagram pics were uploaded to my twitter. Needless to say looking at these pictures made me miss not the apparatus themselves, but all of the pictures and videos I lost including the event in Miami (sorry girls) and my trip to Europe this year.  But like Maya once said, “I am moving on,” or at least I am convincing myself of this.

More about the event:
After a long bus ride from Boston, my sister and I finally arrived to NYC two hours away from the event. The traffic was insane and we left a little later than what we had hoped. We trooped from Chinatown all the way up to Washington Heights carrying a maleta that weighed more than the two of us put together. That ish was HEAVY, but we couldn’t leave it behind because it carried you hair goodies! We arrived to Amy’s house (the El Salonsito Amy) and quickly got our nails done. I was so excited to both meet her and to have the honor to experience El Salonsito LIVE! I got Yo Amo Mi Pajon on one hand and the Miss Rizos logo on the other. The art lasted a total of three weeks! (If you live in NYC and need to get your nails done or want to throw a nail party, look her up, she is the real deal!!)


We quickly got dressed and headed downstairs to APT 78 Lounge to set things up. All of a sudden all of these familiar faces started flowing in, women I met through the cyberspace and now I had the incredible honor to meet in person. Eileen from theSPEACH.com arrived and it was like meeting an old friend (I am tearing up as I write this). I met her on Facebook through Miss Rizos and love what she is doing to lift up her community and to deal with cancer with a holistic approach (learn more on her sit thespeach.com). She like many of the attendees inspired me in one way or another and these events are made to do just that. As I said in my little speech, we need to help each other out, lift as we climb, support each other’s businesses and initiatives, cross promote, and be there for each other instead of beating each other down. Next thing you know Tasmy shows up, it was great and weird to see her in NYC. I got to meet Dash who has created a series on the black experience across borders; she even interviewed me and Tas. My good friend Pris was there, as well as Candace, a girl I met last year at a Miss Rizos event in the DR! So many community leaders, entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, and all so beautiful in so many ways.


Big thanks to our sponsor Miss Jessie’s for providing a full size bottle of their new product Pillow Soft Curls, SheaMoisture and Camille Rose Naturals for always supporting Miss Rizos events! APT 78 for hooking us up with such an incredible space, if you are in NYC take a train uptown and visit this lounge in Washington Heights! I don’t know what I would’ve done without Wendy from Food Heave Made Easy and my little sister Lois who greeted people, put bags together, took pictures, handled sales, did it all, I love you ladies. Thanks to Amy from El Salonsito who hooked up my nails and who welcomed me into her home like we were homies from back in the day, you and your brother are awesome! Last but certainly not least, EVERYONE who attended for filling my heart with hope, energy, love and dopeness! You best believe there will be a next time!!